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Uplift Studios

Uplift Studios, NYC’s only women’s only boutique fitness studio, is located on 23rd Street in the Flatiron section of NYC.



This studio is awash in a sea of green. Instantly you’ll notice the green walls, green furniture, green yoga mats, a green bar (yes, bar) and even green pens with green ink! The bathroom/changing area has every amenity you would need for primping and refreshing, including hair ties, deodorant, high end soaps, brushes, blow dryers, you name it. No worries about forgetting anything, it’s all here. There’s a bar – (yes, bar) serving not only non-alcoholic drinks, but Friday night wine. A complimentary glass of wine is served after their signature Friday Night “Workout with Wine” class. That just solved the question – work out or go out?

The studio also includes a workout room for classes, an area with fitness equipment and a space for personal training. You definitely get the feeling you are in the Flatiron district with the floor to ceiling windows and the loft like feel.


I was signed up for a 9:30 AM sculpt fusion class with Madeline. This class is described as a flow-style class incorporating light free weights, body weight and yoga-inspired movements. It’s a low impact but definitely high intensity: it involves the whole body by combining vigorous flow sequences with arm and leg work, balance and a core strengthening series. This class requires no shoes (barefoot or socks is recommended). Everyone is situated on a yoga mat and we used 3 and 5 pound weights pretty much throughout the entire class. There is also a portion where a resistance band is used. The class is small in size (about 6 of us), the instructor was definitely helpful, knew all of us by name and helped us as needed.

Even though it was low resistance – the class was challenging and I would definitely refer to it as a full body workout.

More advanced classes offered are Uplifting Hit, Uplifting Strength, and of course the Uplifting Happy Hour classes.


The instructor Madeline was so friendly and made a point of speaking to me before and after the class. The class felt very personal and non-intimidating.

The studio encourages camaraderie and friendship. Their signature happy hour class is a chance for members to develop new friendships – they have a number of special events and outings such as new mom classes, organized hiking trips to nearby upstate locales and even a monthly book group where an author is invited to facilitate. They definitely make use of their space in a positive way!


This contest is over, but you check out www.upliftstudios.com to find out more information on the studio!

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