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Brooklyn Bodyburn


Brooklyn Bodyburn has two locations – one in Cobble Hill and one in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I opted to sign up for the class in Williamsburg. Classes on the weekends are pretty booked, but I was lucky to find an 8:15AM opening on a Saturday taught by Keisha. The studio feels very loft-like with exposed brick, plenty of windows and a nice open area to fit the 11 Megaformers (all facing a full length mirror). The studio uses the Lagree Fitness Method which they describe as “55 minutes of calorie burning, muscle quivering, shirt-drenching, total body conditioning,” and yes, I do agree.

I’ve been on a pilates reformer once in my life, but this one felt totally different. There’s a whole vocabulary used when describing a megaformer – “cables”, “straps”, “rear platform”, “front bar”, “carriage”, “platform”, etc. I really had to watch the other students as Keisha was instructing the moves, but I could tell she was keeping an eye on this newbie and would periodically come over to help me maneuver the machine, adjust the springs and correct my position.  My legs were quivering and my biggest fear was that I was going to fall off this machine – thankfully, that did not happen.  As the class moved on, I started to feel a bit more comfortable and rather than clutching the bars, I began to follow the other students and indeed started to push myself to try to maximize the benefit. The moves on the machines are purposefully slow and deliberate which are designed to give you maximum strength, endurance, cardio, balance, core and flexibility training. The moves also have their own terminology like “bear crawl”, “row” and “pike”. Even as a novice, I was definitely sweating 15 minutes into the class.

The proof is in the low fat pudding. For a good two to three days afterwards my muscles still felt sore and everything hurt – including my core (but as they say, in a good way). The feeling made me realize how effective this workout is even while struggling through the first class. It’s been over a week since being there and I’m eager to return. For the regulars who were in the class with me – they are in amazing shape and I’m sure Brooklyn Bodyburn deserves much credit.

This contest is over, but you can visit either location at: www.brooklynbodyburn.com.

(Please let us know if you have any ideas for reviews and we’ll check them out.  Keep your eyes peeled for more chances to win and please share the contest).

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