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Infinity Float in NYC

Win a one-hour floatation session at Infinity Float in NYC!


Having been drawn to alternative therapy practices my entire life, I knew I had to experience a floatation session at least once. Well I’m glad I did and definitely once is not enough.

Nestled away in an office building at 224 5th Ave, situated caddy-corner from Madison Square Park in the Flatiron district of NYC, is Infinity Float.

Upon arriving on the third floor, I was greeted and guided to the Floatation Room which includes a shower, small changing area and access to the float room. The float room has a door leading to the float tank which essentially looks like a pool full of water and 1000 pounds of Epsom salts. Yes, 1000 pounds. This allows you to float effortlessly. About five minutes into the floating experience, the lights and music are turned off. You have the option of keeping the lights on – but the darkness, quietness and water at room temperature all assist in the sensory deprivation of the floating experience.  You do not notice If the temperature is hot or cold, in fact you do not notice the water after all. You just notice the feeling of being completely buoyant during the experience. All senses are rested in this gravity free environment and you essentially start to let go, unwind and go deeper.

The theory behind floatation is that once removing the effects of gravity and sensory stimulation, the psyche starts the process of deep relaxation and stress release. Some ways of knowing that you are starting to relieve stress include a feeling of spinning around, rotating or standing up while you are floating. In fact, I felt all of these sensations a number of times during my float experience. I imagine it happens because the body starts to let go and as you do, a number of sensations begin to happen. It felt strange at first, but I welcomed feeling this way as it happened again.

Once I settled down – and completely let go, the time just flew. I tried not to think of anything in particular and just concentrate on the floating experience itself. 60 minutes later the music softly began playing again and the twinkling stars overhead began to illuminate. Wow, that was fast I thought.

When I re-entered the waiting area, I was given water to drink and asked to sit for at least 10 minutes. I certainly was in no rush to re-enter the bustling streets of Manhattan after my Zen-like experience. You can equate the feeling to a powerful massage or a post-acupuncture session – endorphins are definitely released.

In order to maximize your floatation session, it is recommended that you try at least three sessions. The healing benefits are cumulative and start to add up.

This contest is over – but Infinity Float is offering the special rate of $50 exclusively to Sisters Visit readers (with $60 for followup session). Introductory rates not bought in a package are $115/session, so this is definitely a great deal. While you are there, check out their other alternative services including acupuncture and crystal healing therapy among other therapies.

You can find more information about Infinity Float at http://www.qflatiron.com/.

Happy floating! ~ Sisters Visit


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