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Perry Street Reflexology

Two words – Absolute Bliss!

A trip to Perry Street Reflexology is guaranteed to bring on bliss. Just walking down Perry Street in all its tree-lined beauty will activate the relaxation process. A sanctuary it is.

This small but cozy haven consists of two wide overstuffed wicker chairs with comfy pillows that invite you to sink down. Once sunken down, you can opt to have a hand, foot or hand and foot massage. I opted for the hand and foot – 15 minutes on the hand and 45 minutes on the foot. They were both exquisite.   My reflexologist, Jessie, originally from Ireland, had a firm but not overbearing touch. She started with a warm bath for the feet, and offered me a fluffy blanket to help keep me cozy and warm. She explained that reflexology is a system of massage used to relieve tension and stress based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, heads and hand linked to every part of the body. In fact, the foot has something like 8,000 nerve endings and is basically a map on the foot connecting points in the foot to different parts of the body. She could immediately tell that my adrenals were fatigued and my back was tense as well. That was spot on! 

Throughout my session, I heard soft music playing in the background but not an ounce of NYC traffic or mayhem. In fact, you could hear a pin drop, it was that quiet. I felt protected in this little cocoon that was created just for me. I dozed in and out during the session which helped me relax even more and let go of my scattered, non-stop thoughts.

Once the session was over, Jessie offered me water and gave me a brief overview of where she felt the tension in my feet. She was caring, sweet and informative.

Interested in winning a 30-minute reflexology session at Perry Street Reflexology? Respond by 11-4 to WIN and your name will be entered to win a 30-minute session. You’ll be thanking us and so will your feet!

To find out more information about Perry Street Reflexology, visit perrystreetreflexology.com


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