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Floating Lotus

Sky Galore!

Situated in the penthouse atop of 39 W. 56th Street in NYC is Floating Lotus. Here you can experience yoga, a salt cave, reiki, a floatation tank, acupuncture, massage, infrared sauna and more. It’s like a one stop shop for all your holistic needs.

I signed up for a yoga class and a 30-minute session in the salt cave. I was excited for both and knew that I was going to experience some Zen that day – and that I did!

Both the Yoga studio and the salt cave are situated upstairs.  Yoga is held in an atrium-type room with skylights overhead. The scenery is spectacular with views of skyscrapers and sky. Lots of sky. It is indeed beautiful. The rooftop studio has been dubbed, “One of the most blissful places to practice,” and I do agree. floating-lotus-atrium

Our instructor, Tiana taught a flow type Vinyasa class. Her initial movements were very circular which helped us warm up and generate heat in the body. Some of the poses I tried during class felt like they required less effort which I attributed to Tiana’s prerequisite warm-up and breathing exercises. She stressed that we should move at our own pace but at the same time encouraged and motivated us. It worked, because I was closer to mastering some poses that I struggled with in the past – thank you Tiana!

Next the salt cave –

The combination of yoga followed by the salt cave is a winning duo. The yoga class leaves you feeling totally relaxed, which in my opinion helps you reap the benefits of the salt experience even faster.

I love heat and I love saunas, so I was very excited about experiencing the salt cave. This particular salt cave uses infrared light, which in combination with the Himalayan salt, helps the body detox faster.  Studies have shown that when people inhale this type of salt air, it can help stimulate the natural ability of the respiratory system and can reduce inflammation, fight infection, clear blockages and discomfort. The walls of the salt cave are lined with what looks like shimmery bricks. In actuality these bricks are made of Himalayan salt and have a beautiful pink/orange hue. The appearance is mesmerizing as you lie there and wonder how the structure is actually salt.salt-cave

The combination of the infrared heat, the Himalayan salt and Himalayan music that is playing nearby soothes you into a deep sense of relaxation. Eventually, you become completely immersed in the serenity of this beautiful ancient healing therapy.

Want to experience Floating Lotus? Respond by 12-4 and you’ll be entered to win either a 30-minute session in the salt cave or a yoga class of your choice. Email us at win@sistersmarketing.com and you’ll be entered into the drawing. Check out floatinglotus.com for more information about this venue and please share with those who might be interested.





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