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Fuel The Soul Yoga

Win a FREE CLASS at Fuel The Soul Yoga Studio in Merrick, NY!

Fuel the Soul, located in Merrick, New York is the winner of the Best of Long Island Yoga Studios for both 2014 and 2015. The studio is intimate and very welcoming.

I attended a 60-minute Ashtanga non-heated class taught by co-owner Greg Fine. The class emphasizes breath-control, rhythm, power and grace to exercise and purify the body while also quieting the mind. Greg made a point of finding out everyone’s level of expertise so he could position us around the room appropriately. Greg was a friendly, gentle, soft spoken guy who you immediately took a liking to.  We started with deep breathing to help warm up the body. The breathing was the main focus throughout the class and as Greg described, “is the gateway to the poses”. He stressed using the breath to help us go deeper as well as using the mind to attain an even deeper pose. And indeed, as I focused on my breathing, I managed to go deeper with every exhale. It was certainly a gratifying feeling and made me feel like I was strengthening my practice. I am eager to return to Fuel The Soul and am interested in checking out the infrared heated classes held on Monday nights. Fuel the Soul is Long Island's first infrared heated yoga studio.   

Fuel The Soul offers more than yoga – there are also Gyrotonic sessions taught by Greg (machines intended to improve one’s strength, flexibility, balance and coordination), massage therapy sessions given by co-owner Lauren Fine, Infrared sauna sessions – to help with holiday detox, meditation classes to ring in the new year, kids yoga, teacher training and a number of ongoing workshops. 

A feeling I always hope to attain following a class is one of deep relaxation and a sense of peaceful joy. As I was heading to my next destination, I was in tune with that feeling.  Job well done Fuel the Soul!

Interested in checking out Fuel the Soul? You can find them at www.fuelthesoul.com and at 188 Merrick Road in Merrick. Enter our drawing by 1-5-2017 to be eligible to win a free 60-minute yoga (heated or non-heated) class. Email us at win@sistersmarketing.com  and simply say, "I want to win!". Please share with others who might be interested in this studio. Best of luck to you and see you on the mat in 2017! ~Sisters Visit  




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