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Pure Yoga in NYC

Win a Free Class at Pure Yoga in NYC (East or West locations)


I had the pleasure of attending a Vinyasa Yoga class at Pure Yoga West located at 204 W. 77th Street in Manhattan last week. I’ve visited Pure Yoga in the past and love the Zen-like atmosphere you feel as you walk through the huge wooden front doors.

The feeling of entering a monastery comes to mind as the interior exudes a peaceful calm. Both locations are spotlessly clean and nicely laid out.  The locker room is very spacious and filled with some nice amenities from Kiehls. Afterwards, you can relax in the comfortable lounge area, check your phone messages and just chill from the NYC bustle for a while. A nice perk.

I was signed up for a Vinyasa flow class with Pam Reece last Tuesday. Pam is the perfect instructor for the class because her voice and inflection has a soothing flow.  As you get in sync with her inflection, her gentle instruction helpfully guides you through the series.

We worked through many chatarungas and downward dogs and before I knew it, I was working up quite a sweat. There were many balance poses throughout the class, which I always find challenging but I am gradually getting stronger and better.  The class felt like it moved quickly with few breaks in between. Even though Pam exudes a gentle persona, her class is challenging and I guarantee that you will feel the effects the next day.


Pam has 15-years experience teaching yoga in NYC, and coming from the advertising world, she understands our modern day issues of stress and anxiety that we carry around. I liked her ending message which I am paraphrasing, but sounded  like this – Yoga is not Instagram yoga where you are sporting the latest leggings and showing off your handstand, but finding your breath that finds your inner, magical power and strengthThank you Pam and thank you Pure Yoga for the experience! Interested in learning more about Pure Yoga – check them out at www.pureyoga.com.

If you would like to win a FREE class at Pure Yoga (either Upper West side or Upper East Side location), join our contest and email us by Feb 1 at win@sistersmarketing.com. Simply write in and say, “I want to win!” If you have recommendations of venues to review in future posts, please include them  when you enter the contest.


Best of luck and see you on the mat!

~Sisters Visit

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