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MNDFL Meditation


MNDFL – An exquisite sanctuary nestled amongst an urban backdrop, is a space dedicated to the practice of meditation. MNDFL has three locations: Greenwich Village, Upper East Side and most recently, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I had the opportunity to take a class at the newest location in Williamsburg last week. Driving in from Long Island, I was held up in a flood of traffic due to never ending construction and my first instinct was to feel stressed. I called MNDFL and they graciously booked me into the next class. The first step to undoing stress, done!

When I made my way to the studio, I was struck at how peaceful and beautiful and might I add chic the space was. Upon entering, you are asked to turn off your phone and unplug from your devices. There is complimentary tea to enjoy and you are invited to sit in a nook and read actual printed books recommended by the instructors. They even encourage you to drop by in between classes just to hang out and read. What a nice way to cultivate a community!

Each class is based around themes such as intentions, breath, emotions, and heart. My class, led by Joshua Bee, was focused on emotions. Joshua, who has been practicing meditation for over 28 years, explained that we were using the RAIN technique which is an acronym for Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Non-Identification. Recognize what is happening, allow yourself to see your emotion, investigate inner experience, and non-identify – know that you are not identified by your thoughts and emotions. He quietly walked us through the different stages of RAIN as we meditated and his soothing, warm voice was comforting throughout the practice.  The studio itself is lined with rows of cushions and bolsters to help give you support. The class lasted 30 minutes, which was fine for me as a newbie, but there are also 45 and 60-minute classes. Classes start at $10, and you can purchase unlimited classes for a month if interested.

What struck me about MNDFL was that the staff were so friendly, caring and helpful. You felt as If you were part of a community even though the others in the class were strangers. And the experience helped me to slow down, look at some inner emotions that were lurking and acknowledge them. Joshua explained that we are constantly flooded with emotions – most times we don’t even recognize them – slow down, look at them, meditate on them and start a practice! The goal is to eventually get back to our baby state filled with unlimited joy and non judgment.

MNDFL also has some interesting special events happening on a regular basis. Check out their events and happenings on the website http://www.mndflmeditation.com/.

Interested in winning a complimentary MNDFL class in Williamsburg? Enter our contest by 3-25-17 and you could be eligible to win a MNDFL Meditation class of your choice in Williamsburg – located at 208 N. 8th Street. Email us at win@sistersmarketing.com to be eligible. Best of luck and enjoy! ~Sisters Visit.