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Chair Yoga/Kristin McGee

Kristin McGee, celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor, and all around amazing woman, has recently written a book titled Chair Yoga, published by William Morrow.

This book is the perfect antidote for our modern lifestyle. When finding time to get to the gym or your yoga class feels like the impossible dream,  Kristin has some brilliant remedies.

Chair Yoga outlines simple yoga moves that are intended to be done while sitting at your desk, at a doctor’s office, on a plane, in a restaurant, or wherever you find yourself sedentary. All you need is a chair. The book outlines techniques that work every part of your body.  It is divided into different sections of the anatomy such as face, torso, lower body, and more. In fact, Kristin’s instructions enable you to work your entire body from head to pinkie toe – nothing is left out!

If you favor one side over the other, the exercises help to align your right and left side and feel more balanced.  The goal of the book is to ensure that movement is built in throughout your day. She explains that the repercussions from sitting all day long are far worse than we realize and our bodies are designed to move throughout the day, not just the one hour at the gym. Chair Yoga will encourage you to start thinking outside of the box (or the chair). On the phone? Do a tree pose. Organizing papers? Time for a dancer’s pose. Sitting on a train? Exercise your facial muscles! These poses are easy and can easily be done unnoticed. Kristin is giving us the tools to make our mind, body and spirit feel better throughout the day while keeping us firm at the same time.

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(To learn more about Chair Yoga – check it out on Amazon.com).