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Taryn Toomey/The Class

The Class by Taryn Toomey – Win a FREE Class!

I’ve been reading a lot about The Class lately and saw Taryn Toomey interviewed in a video where she was talking about wearing a bouffant and her struggles with bobby pins. I couldn’t help but laugh and knew I liked her immediately. Lucky for me, I was in her neighborhood on a Wednesday and signed up for an Express class (45 minutes) taught by none other than Taryn Toomey. The Class is described on Taryn’s website as a 65 or 75-minute cathartic movement experience. Through simple, repetitive calisthenics and plyometrics, participants challenge the body to engage the mind. With guided instruction and carefully curated music, this class invites students to witness their resistance to discomfort.  The result is an expansive, heart-opening, body-strengthening release.  This class will challenge and enlighten you all while building an incredibly strong, lean, resilient body.

The Class is located at 22 Park Place on the 3rd Floor in Tribeca. Start your workout early by taking the stairs. An interesting tidbit about the loft space is that there are hundreds of bits of smashed crystals laid beneath the floor boards with the purpose of drawing energy out. I had bouts of exhaustion during the class, but managed to muster up more energy and was able to revive myself. Who knows if crystals were to thank or Taryn’s mantra: “the minute you want to stop is the minute you need to keep going”.

The class was full of regulars and newbies. My neighbor on the mat next to mine was visiting from New Hampshire, so I knew The Class was known wide and far. Taryn also holds classes in Los Angeles and Vancouver and holds retreats around the world (called Retreatments).

Taryn arrived wearing her signature white garb (wish I could pull that off!). We started with some exercises focusing on the breath and the music. This quickly accelerated as we started to build heat through repetitive jumps. We were instructed to breathe loudly and deeply, make noise, get emotional and before we knew it we were sweating, a lot. The class is a combination of yoga, calisthenics, plyometrics (jumping), and spiritual therapy.  As we were working and sweating, Taryn was talking to us about our own self talk, self love, using our bodies to change our minds, feeling, moving and releasing. She instructed us to release the things we don’t need through our own sound and intention.  We ended the class with deep stretches, intentional breath work, meditation and setting a personal intention. Though very challenging, the class did seem to move quickly. I felt as if I used every muscle in my body and was soaked through and through. As I made my way home, I couldn’t help but think of the class and think of Taryn’s message about watching our thoughts and what we say to ourselves. Good advice everybody needs to hear. To learn more about The Class, visit the website at www.taryntoomey.com. Check out Taryn in her video describing the class here: http://taryntoomey.com/the-method/

 We would love to share a spot on the mat at The Class with our readers. Please respond by June 9th and win a complimentary pass to The Class, compliments of Sisters Marketing. Just email us at win@sistersmarketing.com and you will be entered into our random drawing. Best of luck, happy start to summer and get your bouffant on! ~ Sisters Visit