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East End Row

Rowing, the new spinning. Rowga, the new awesome. Imagine, sweaty hard rowing with a dash of Zen.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Upper East Side location of East End Row, at 171 E. 74th Street on the Upper East Side last week. This location is small but comfortable with changing rooms available. Complimentary water and towels are handed out prior to class. FYI – East End Row also has handy locations in Southampton and East Hampton, Long Island for you summer East Enders.

My interest was piqued when I read that Tiana Murray teaches the Rowga class on Fridays at 9:30 AM on the Upper East Side. I participated in Tiana’s yoga class in the past and thought that the combination of rowing and yoga would be fun. I was right. Feeling a bit intimidated by the rowing aspect, I put my best row forward and dove right in! Tiana gave us a bit of introduction on technique and explained the layout of the class before we got started. The machines are water rowers that help provide smooth, quiet resistance just as if you were paddling on the water. I liked the wooshing sound that they made. Our 50-minute workout included quite a few sprints, broken up between two yoga stints on the mat. The yoga was fast and almost as challenging as the rowing. Back to rowing, the console on our rowers tracked our speed and the number of rows. Tiana really pushed us during the last two sprints and encouraged us to beat our personal record. That’s all I needed cause I felt my competitive edge kicking in, and somehow managed to finish with the fastest pace all class . Oh no, this could definitely become addicting.

Rowga will make you feel like you did a full body workout with little to no impact on your joints. You will feel it in your arms, legs, torso, and chi! A complete body workout that I highly recommend and it's fun!

Interested in trying a FREE Rowing or Rowga class at East End Row? Email us at win@sistersmarketing.com by July 17th and you will be entered in our random drawing to be eligible to win a FREE class at the Upper East Side, Southampton or East Hampton locations. Check out eastendrow.com for more information. Best of luck and may the best rower win!