Leanne Vogel, nutrition educator and creator of the popular website, Healthful Pursuits, has written a book titled The Keto Diet: Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet. 

For anyone looking to change their eating lifestyle to a high fat, low carb ketogenic diet, Leanne provides a roadmap and lays out exactly what you need to know. Leanne has painstakingly taken the time to test and create a host of delicious recipes. With more than 125 recipes and 5 meal plans to keep you motivated, your transition should be a big success. 

Leanne explains the science behind keto and describes how the body converts fat to glucose. When your body switches to fat, it begins to prefer fat to glucose. You begin to burn fat, lose weight and you gain more energy and lose the craving for carbs and sugar (something all of us want!). Some initially experience the “Keto flu”,  but Leanne gives us tips on how to alleviate symptoms and transition slowly.

Having a child with autism, I had heard about the ketogenic diet but never studied it in depth. A friend of mine was able to eliminate her son’s seizures with this diet. According to Leanne, it also helps with focus and can be beneficial to people who have ADD.

Even if you don’t plan on delving into the diet full force, I would suggest owning a copy of this book solely for the healthy, innovative recipes. This 448-page book is packed with detailed instructions, colorful graphics, meal plans laid out and is most definitely an interesting read.

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For more information on Leanne and The Keto Diet, check out: AMAZON – THE KETO DIET.

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