Grab 3 FREE classes at RYDE Cycle in NYC!

Grab three FREE classes at RYDE CYCLE in NYC. Call RYDE at 1-646-756-5114 or email them at or "buy" the classes on the website and add in the promo code "3SISTERS3RIDES".  However way you choose to sign up, you need to do it this week, cause deadline is 10-16. Tell them you read about it on Sisters Visit!

RYDE CYCLE is located at 52 E 13th St, in New York City, one block south of Union Square.

Both sisters attended a Tuesday 12:15 pm class and pedaled side by side. The staff was super friendly and helpful, adjusting our seats and giving us a quick tour. They even gave us a shout out in the beginning of the class since we were newbies. What a way to feel welcome! Our instructor, Brooke, was young and loaded with contagious energy! The spin room is dark, except for the instructor's platform and two salt lamps. Brooke was motivating from the get-go and kept us riding to the rhythm. Within five minutes, we were sweating, moving into a cardio workout and building endurance. Brooke squeezed in 10 minutes of weight training with soft weights to give us the feel of a full body workout. The class was 45 minutes long and moved very quickly (easy to fit it in during your lunch break!). The instructor kept us on task, but made it clear that there was no pressure if you needed to slow down, take a water break or ride at your own pace. Perfect for any beginner while challenging for the more experienced riders. If I worked in the neighborhood, I would definitely attend classes during the day. It’s a quick, motivating ride, great workout and tons of fun. The locker room is clean, has a few showers and self-locking lockers.

Brooke ended the class with some inspirational words. She reminded us to give it all we had and be true to ourselves, our goals and our dreams. This message never gets old.
Thank you RYDE Cycle for the fun, the workout and the sore muscles the next day. We loved our experience and felt like part of the gang. Take advantage of 3 FREE CLASSES and call RYDE at 646-756-5114. Use Promo Code 3SISTERS3RYDES to be eligible. You won’t regret it!

Go to to learn more about RYDE.

Make sure to follow @Kerryleefitinthecity on Instagram to view her experience at RYDE. Thanks KerryLee for sharing the fun!  

Happy RYDING and see you on another visit soon!

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