Aqua Studio in NYC!

Spinning or Swimming? Or maybe a combination of both! 

Aqua Studio, located in Tribeca, offers the opportunity to spin in a pool. Now that’s out of the ordinary, even for NYC! 

The studio itself is very clean and chic. There’s a small boutique on the first floor and the ladies locker room is loaded with amenities. Water shoes are available to rent for $2.00, or you can bring your own. As instructed, I arrived 15 minutes early since I was a newbie and Lucie, our instructor, set me up on the bike. Figured I should dip my toe ever so lightly in the pool, I signed up for Lucie’s Restorative class. I noticed that there was no resistance knob on the bike, but after we got started, it occurred to me that the water is the resistance. No need for a knob. We are in totally different terrain compared to a regular spin class!

We started the class with some light peddling and before I knew it Lucie had us stretching and using the resistance of the water to build up momentum and cardio. Lucie instructed us to use our breath with every push and pull of the water. She had us completely off the bike at times while we were still peddling and had us stretching from so many different angles. We continued to use the water as resistance throughout the class and finished with some yoga balances and poses. Since there’s no fear of falling over in the water, I found the water to be a great tool for building confidence when it comes to practicing those balancing poses.

The restorative class was so enjoyable, I would definitely give it another try. I felt tired and relaxed at the same time following the class, so I would chalk it up to a good workout.  Aqua Studio also has land classes, calisthenics toning, pre and post-natal classes, and a wide variety of special events. Thank you Lucie and thank you Aqua Studio for such an enjoyable class!

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