Healing Grotto Salt Cave

Win A Free Session at the Healing Grotto in Bellmore, NY!

It’s the holidays, so we sisters decided to take our mom to the Healing Grotto Salt Cave, in Bellmore, NY. Salt caves are known for healing, detoxification, and adding a boost to the immune system. They treat skin ailments, are great for respiratory issues, and can be super relaxing if you let yourself unwind. Implement the "turn off the brain chatter technique" for optimal salt cave sessions!

What's a salt cave? The floor, walls, and ceiling are usually covered with food grade fine crystal salt, while tons of large salt rocks and blocks surround the walls. Salt caves tend to have a beautiful, pink hue since the beautiful, pink salt from the Himalayas is used! The cave in Bellmore is relatively large (see us below) and holds about 6 reclining chairs per side. We scheduled a noon appointment on a Friday and there was only one other person in the cave with us. Once the lights are dimmed, the salt generator is turned on. It releases an aerosol that consists of micron sized salt particles that have both anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Salt therapy has been used for centuries and if you've noticed, they've been popping up all over recently. Just another tool to add to your holistic health regiment!

Was the salt cave effective? Well, based on the snoring heard in the room, we'd say a resounding yes!  We felt relaxed, rejuvenated, even restored, following our 45-minute session! Healing Grotto also offers yoga classes in the salt cave (checking that one out!) as well as mediation and other special events. Find them at www.healinggrotto.com.

Been hankering to get into a salt cave? Enter our contest and win a FREE session for yourself at Healing Grotto Salt Cave. Email Jennifer@sistersvisit.info and say "I want to get salty" by 12-29 and you can win a 45-minute session (a $45 value). Tag a friend on our Sisters Visit Facebook or Sisters Visit Instagram page who might also be interested. The winner's name will be drawn and announced on 12-30 (just in time for New Year’s Day detoxification!).

Best of luck and hope to see you in the salt room soon!   

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