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Breathe N Flow Yoga has two Long Island locations, Freeport and their recently opened Oceanside studio. Since we’re always into experiencing something new, our honorary sister, Nicole and I went to check out the Oceanside location last month. We signed up for the Aroma Flow yoga class taught by Terri (aka@terrisunshineyoga). The class is suitable for all levels and incoporates therapeutic grade essential oils to deepen and expand the yoga practice with calming and invigorating properties. Terri used Young Living essential oils and introduced Release, Clarity and Northern Lights Black Spruce oils (Northern Lights Black Spruce to sprinkle a hint of holiday magic into the class).  

The yoga room is fairly large and certainly emanates a peaceful tone. The colors of the wall are very earthy and there was a slight patch of sunshine that peeked through the window which lit up the room with a warm shadow (definitely a cozy factor happening here). The oils were diffused one at a time during class and Terri rubbed oils on our wrists to allow us to experience the oils and help give us an added boost of mindfulness during the class.

The class was small which allowed for plenty of room for individualized attention (we like that!). Terri has an energetic air about her and appears to be full of optimism and a good amount of joy! You can’t help but shrug off any negative thoughts while you are practicing with her and she has the ability to pull you into a good mood. Thank you Terri for the individual attention and great class!

We totally lucked out that day since we were given the opportunity to try the salt room (which is only offered at their Oceanside location). The salt room is much smaller than the salt cave we recently visited, but this allows for more privacy. There is a generator that disperses micro particles of ground salt into the air. Your body inhales the pure, dry, micronized salt air particles which happens to absorb bacteria and toxins and stimulates the immune system. It's totally safe, relaxing and you can definitely turn this into your own Zen experience. Just open your mind, let go and relax. Check out the video in this link to view the salt room.

Not only does Breathe N Flow have a full roster of yoga classes, they also offer pre-natal called BNF Yoga Mamas, post-natal classes and mommy and me classes (you can either do yoga with your tike or allow them to practice in a separate room while you do yours). Yoga for special needs is in the plans for 2018.

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