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If you need motivation, this is the book to read!

Coss Marte was a super successful drug dealer who got busted and was sent to prison. While there, a physician told him if he didn’t lose weight and change his lifestyle, he’d be dead in five years. How do you change your lifestyle in prison? Coss Marte figured it out. He concoted a hot plate in his cell where he made the healthiest food possible and started a fitness routine that could be done within the confines of his cell. Even while being heckled by fellow inmates, he started jogging on the outside track and eventually other inmates started running with him. He worked so hard, he was eventually accepted into the Shock Program; a selective high-level prison fitness program that requires you to be in top shape.

Coss was thrown into four weeks of isolation, just one month before his discharge. While there, he changed his life around through prayer and meditation. He used his time wisely and developed his own business plan to help him stay on the straight and narrow once he left prison. His plan included training people using his custom designed workout and eventually opening a gym. Today Coss owns ConBody gym in his old neighborhood, the Lower East Side in NYC. Except this time he's selling fitness and not drugs.  His classes are taught by ex-cons and it is truly a hard-core boot camp style workout.  Coss has plans to open other locations around the world and given his story and determination, there is no doubt that he will pursue that dream.

Coss’s story is truly remarkable and we know that you will be inspired by it, just as we were. To learn more about ConBody, check out

To win a free copy of Conbody, the book, and learn more about Coss’s prison style boot camp, email and say, “I want to do the time”. We’ll select a random winner March 15th. So hurry, entries need to be in by EOD March 14th!

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