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Yoga Spa in NYC! Win a FREE class at Yoga Spa!

I’ve heard some nice things about this studio recently, so decided to give it a try.  This studio feels a bit like a retreat. It is located on East 54th Street near 2nd Avenue on the 7th floor. I had to look around to make sure I was at the right spot, because there are very few signs. But once you get off the elevator, hang a left and you are immediately there. 



I just returned from a long car trip and my body was super achy and tired and a restoration class was at the top of my list. I signed up for Self Love/Gentle Flow with Sofia on a Friday at noon. Normally, I avoid these classes since I’m looking for more of a workout, but in this situation, the class couldn’t have been more perfect.

The space is very welcoming and comfortable. They have an outside patio area where yoga is practiced in the warmer weather. There’s a kitchen that members can use and a variety of rooms that are used for spa treatments – like cleansing scrubs, reiki, massages and facials. They sell a rejuvenation package online that includes Yoga, cleansing scrub and massage. If you have the time and can fit all these in one day, this sounds like total bliss. The yoga room felt huge by NYC standards and was stocked with great yoga accessories including high quality Manuka mats for rent.

We started the class out with many sun salutations, some cat cows and slow Vinyasa flows. We moved into seated floor postures and used bolsters that the studio provided (these bolsters were amazing as far as comfort).  We held positions longer than you would in a typical flow class, but the longer I held the pose, the more relaxed I felt. Towards the end of the class we positioned our bodies on top of the bolster and just relaxed. The combination of the comfortable, cushy bolster, the music, the quiet poses and calm energy in the room literally put me to sleep. I caught myself falling into a dream state and had no desire to leave this space.  The class was that relaxing.  If you are looking for a restorative class, this is the class to check out. Yoga Spa also offers a variety of other classes like energizing flow, Yin yoga, Kundalini, candlelight yoga, pre-natal, core yoga and more.



If you’d like to check out Yoga Spa, email me at jennifer@sistersvisit.info and say I want Yoga Spa! You will be entered into our random drawing to win a free class. We will announce the winner on 5-17. Best of luck and hope you get your relaxation on! For more information on Yoga Spa, go to www.yogaspa.nyc.

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