Blast Spa!


Blast Spa & Fitness is an all-in-one boutique fitness studio and spa in Great Neck, Long Island. They offer spinning, yoga, TRX, barre, Pilates and private or group personal training, as well as a host of spa services. AND you can sign up for classes on ClassPass

I had my doubts when I showed up for the YogiBarre class with Kim on a Thursday. The class was full, and the room felt a little cramped. But Kim visually surveyed the class and rearranged our mats to create maximum use of the space. She must have an eye for this because I never felt cramped once throughout the class. The props used for this class were a ball, a band (she called them panties) and light weights. The class felt more like a Pilates/barre class than yoga, but there was quite a bit of stretching (which I guess qualifies as yoga) and Kim will actually lean on you with all her weight to reposition your body. I’m sure there would be many who wouldn’t like this service, but I appreciated the individual attention and she showed you how the stretch should actually feel vs how you think it should feel (that was a big stretch!).  She also called everyone by name, so by the end of the class you felt like you knew the class members and the atmosphere was super friendly.

After the floor exercises using the “panties” and light weights, we spent some time at the barre isolating calf muscles and repeating slow repetitive moves (killer, I felt that for days). Kim went around the room correcting our moves and repositioned our bodies. Her mantra during the class was how to move correctly to maximize change in our bodies. If we continue to move in the wrong way, our bodies will never change. Makes sense. We ended the class with some really big stretches.


What I liked best about this class was Kim. It is obvious she is a master instructor, knows her stuff inside and out and lives the life that she preaches. She’s from the Caribbean, told us a bit of her background, talked about her diet, what she eats and how she does intermittent fasting for optimal health. I found her story very interesting and wanted to hear more. She periodically gives seminars at Blast Spa and I hope to eventually make one.

Blast Spa also offers a host of spa services like massage, raindrop therapy, cellulite reduction, sauna and salt room and more. Check them out at!   

Interested in trying a class at Blast Spa? Well then, you’re in luck. Email and say “I want to blast at Blast Spa”. Entries must be received by 6-18 (winner will be announced on social media on 6-19) and you’ll be entered into our random drawing.  Best of luck and have a blast!

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