Running With Nature, by Mariel Hemingway + Bobby Williams – Enter to win a FREE copy

 For those of you who remember Mariel Hemingway as a teenage icon, you will be pleased to hear that she grew up to become a wellness guru.

I first heard about Mariel’s book “Running With Nature, Stepping Into the Life You Were Meant to Live” on an Oprah Winfrey Super Soul episode (check it out below).

Mariel, along with her boyfriend, Bobby Williams (stuntman/actor, adventurer, writer, health & wellness expert), write about living a life worth living and offer wellness and outdoor tips to help you live a more inspiring, holistic, healthy, and happy lifestyle. Even if you incorporate a smidgeon of their ideas into your weekly lifestyle, you should notice a bit more happiness.

Hemingway, granddaughter of legendary Ernest Hemingway, describes her childhood and family lineage as dysfunctional and riddled with depression, suicide and substance abuse. Following the suicide of her sister Margaux, Mariel knew that she had to break this family cycle or she could be next in line.

She began making changes to her life that included yoga, meditation and organic food. When she eventually met Bobby, they created the Running With Nature way of life (they as well live on a ranch called The Running With Nature Ranch). Their lifestyle incorporates plenty of sunshine, fresh air, an abundant of exercise, organic gardening, hiking, swimming, adventure, quality sleep, and just having fun. For somebody who battled depression when she was younger, she credits exercise and sunshine as the best anti-depressants available.

Each chapter in Running With Nature focuses on strategies that you can adopt to create a lifestyle similar to Mariel and Bobby’s. Each chapter ends with a checklist intended to incorporate new ideas into that day or week. No matter where you live and what is possible, the checklist encourages you to start making subtle or big changes into your life and be mindful of those changes. Happiness, relaxation, a more balanced life, and an inner calm are sure to follow.

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