V Strength & Pilates in Great Neck, NY!

V Strength & Pilates is located at 3 Bond Street, near Station Plaza in the heart of Great Neck, NY. A friend of mine has been singing praises about this studio for a while now (V Strength & Pilates was formerly known as Pilates of Great Neck – Verol’s Gym). Eager to see for myself, I signed up for a 9:30 AM Pilates reformer class. When I got to the studio, I was expecting a great workout. But truth be told, the workout was amazing! Verol, owner and trainer, challenges you to the core (and you’ll feel it there too, most likely for a few days!). The workout is done on Allegro reformers (low to ground) and every muscle feels fatigued before you move to the next. Verol gives little to no breaks, but let’s you know that if you need one, you should definitely take one.

We began the class by repeatedly working on the different muscles in each arm. Feeling the effects, I secretly hoped that the legs would be easier since my lower body is stronger. But sure enough the legs were just as challenging as we worked on each muscle for 15 reps. Verol managed to individually coach us and offered suggestions on form and ways to modify difficult moves throughout the class. The class is 60 minutes, but that day, he kept us there for at least 75. Talk about dedication to his students! We finished the class with long leg stretches which felt great.

The vibe of the class was super relaxed as most class members knew each other. And Verol’s laid back personality and warm vibe makes him very likeable. If I lived closer to V Strength & Pilates, I just might be there every darn day. I can’t even imagine the results I’d see.  Thank you Verol!

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 “You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”

   – Joseph Pilates


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