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Practice You by Elena Brower, Win a Free copy


Practice You is a journal written and illustrated by Elena Brower – designer, writer and master yoga instructor since 1998.

Each page, beautifully designed with Elena’s own water color illustrations, invites you to create and craft your own journal and journey. She seeks input by posing questions about your life, your past and your future. She creates an interactive experience that requires time and thought and asks you to pause, reflect and go inward. It’s a wonderful tool to help you identify the best qualities you see from your past and craft the best possible You for the future.

Elena’s first line, “You’ve been practicing You your entire life”, pretty much sums up the book. She asks you to look back at your younger self and identify what made you strong through your early experiences. One of the exercises asks you to write a letter to your younger self sharing lessons learned over the years. It’s an interesting experience that requires going backward verses forward. She asks that you show love to your younger self by writing a letter, song, or poem, helping the younger you feel safe and secure. She then asks you to write a letter to your older self. Throughout the book she asks you to meditate on different topics and reflect how you feel about them. It’s a great resource for looking back on your life, fine tuning what you would like to heighten and molding a future based on your desires, ideals and prayers. It’s a sacred text based on your own design. For more information about Practice You, check out https://practiceyou.com.

Interested in experiencing this journal yourself? Email jennifer@sistersvisit.info by 11-5 and you will be entered into our random drawing to receive your free copy. Winner will be announced on Instagram by 11-6. Happy Journaling! 

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