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On Being Human by Jennifer Pastiloff – win a FREE copy

Jennifer Pastiloff, author of the recently launched book entitled “On Being Human, A Memoir of Waking up, Living Real, and Listening Hard“, shares the most personal parts of her life filled with pain, trauma, grief, smiles and laughs along the way. Jennifer was born in New Jersey and lost her father, the center of her world, at a young age. Rather than allowing herself to grieve this loss, she buried her emotions and battled anorexia and other destructive behavior in her youth. Her brutal honesty about her personal struggles during this time will surely unleash many personal memories that will remind you just how hard young life can be.

Jennifer also had the start of hearing loss as a child and experienced constant Tinnitus. Thinking everybody experienced this and partly out of shame, she remained silent. Only until she was in her late 20’s did she receive hearing aids as a gift and heard normally for the first time ever. She talks about the regret she felt about missing so much over the years due to not hearing. Today she is a yoga instructor, but primarily leads retreats and paradoxically considers herself to be an avid listener. She explains that her deafness actually taught her to listen fiercely and intensely.

Jen’s retreats sound magical. They are described as a hybrid of yoga, writing, story-telling and story-listening. Yoga is not the primary activity at her retreats, rather it is used as a tool to help with the essence of unfolding. And as Jen likes to say, “let the snot start flying”.

Jen’s story is enjoyable because she allows us to see how her life has evolved throughout the pages. Her honesty on being human is refreshing. She talks about battling depression, insecurities, self deprecation, but at the same time can be really funny and extremely relatable. We get to witness Jen’s growth, courage and leap from darkness to self- love and her generous outpouring of love towards others. Going to one of her retreats is on the definite wish list for the future. In the meanwhile, we are looking forward to her next book. Thanks for sharing Jen and for being such a role model to us all.

Interested in reading Jennifer’s story? Like us on Facebook or Instagram and PM us on either and say, “I want to be human!”. The winner will be randomly selected on June 10th and announced on social media. To learn more about Jennifer Pastiloff’s new book, check her out on https://www.jenniferpastiloff.com/ and don’t forget to follow her on Facebook. 

Here’s to ever evolving and to being human. Thanks Jen!