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Humming Puppy – NYC, win a FREE class!

Humming Puppy is truly a beautiful studio. After seeing one of their online ads for their newly opened studio in Chelsea, I knew I had to get my mat there. But in actuality, don’t bring your mat there, because mats are included. The studio itself is tiered and each level is lined with black yoga mats. The walls are painted black and the floor is dark wood. The curtains are dark, so there is little to no natural light entering the studio. The lights are dim and the room is warm. A mood is definitely set. The black color is actually quite calming and peaceful. Mats are assigned, which is a good way to keep you moving around the room.
There is a constant humming sound reverberating in the background during class. It’s neither distracting or annoying, it’s just humming. I read that the frequency of the humming is perfect for lulling you into a meditative state. Interesting concept! I signed up for a Humming Mellow class at the end of a Friday workweek. I thought the mellow would help me unwind at the end of my crazy week. Don’t be fooled. these mellow classes can be just as challenging as the others. Those three-minute poses can be super tough at times, but truth be told, you will most likely feel unwound after class.  Class ends with the intriguing sound of the singing bowls, which will definitely lull you into your lullaby. Last thing, be sure to partake in the complimentary coconut water and tea when you enter or leave the studio. I did both!
Humming Puppy is definitely on the return to list. The peaceful vibe and relaxation of the studio is reason enough to return. Interested in listening to some humming during yoga? Enter to win a free class of your choice at Humming Puppy. Email Jennifer@sistersvisit.info and say, “I want to hum”. You will be entered into our random contest. Entries need to be received by Wednesday, October 30th and winner will be announced on 10-31. You could be humming soon. Hummmmmmmm…..