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Just like Om….

Looking for a great Pilates class that’s conveniently located and can be taken as an express class? Look no further than Just Like Om, located on W. 25th Street, just off 7th Ave, NYC. Make your way to the 8th floor and a comfy cozy studio awaits. Spacious bathrooms are just down the hall with plenty of privacy and adequate room to change before or after work.

The studio has tons of classes throughout the day with something happening almost every hour from 7am to 7pm. Classes include a variety of reformer classes, yoga, my little yoga (for the kiddies) and pre-natal.

I opted for the 45-minute Sculpt Express Pilates class with Karina on a Friday at noon. Karina was super friendly and engaging and with only six reformers, she offered tons of individualized attention. Sculpt Express focuses on isolating and strengthening our intrinsic muscles with the ultimate goal of increasing alignment, tone and function. Karina absolutely made sure we focused on what felt like all of our muscles during class and she certainly worked muscles I hadn’t felt in years. In fact, those tiny, forgotten muscles were calling my name over the next few days. Thank you Karina for a fabulous class!

What I liked about this studio: clean professional studio with a laid back, friendly vibe. Small class size which guarantees individual attention and the great pair of grip socks I bought on sale that are currently my favorite. Need more details on Just like Om? Check them out at www.justlikeom.com.

Interested in giving Just Like Om a try? Enter our contest to win a free Pilates session or yoga class of your choice. Email Jennifer@sistersvisit.info by March 8th and say “there’s no place like Om”. The winner will be selected randomly on March 9th. Best of luck and hope you get to Om!

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