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Amanda Margusity, AMF Method class -win a FREE Class!

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For those who have been following Amanda Margusity over the years, you already know she is funny, upbeat and honest.  And real. She is completely without sugar coating and being a New Yorker, I appreciate that!

Amanda has been in the fitness field for many years. When I originally started following her, she was a spin instructor in Long Island City, followed by some time at SLT, CycleBar and recently Solidcore (and I’m sure there’s more to that list!). Check out a recent Refinery 29 interview of Amanda discussing the shutdown of the fitness studios due to Covid-19 in the link below:


I never had the opportunity to take one of Amanda’s studio classes though I have been following her for years. When I reached out to her about the possibility of taking one of her AMF Method online classes, she immediately responded with a resounding yes and called me love (aww, thanks!). I was signed up. AMF Method Class is described as a unique 45-minute workout designed to increase your heart rate, strength and stamina. To be honest, I was intimidated because these high intensity classes always leave me breathless and exhausted, but I was determined to give it a go. BTW, she told me that I crushed it. Yay!!!!

As she welcomed us on Zoom, she encouraged us to give each other a Brady Bunch high five. Yes, we were boxed off just like the start of the Brady Bunch, I was laughing already. We started with running in place (knees high), followed by lunges, lots of planks, push ups while planking and moving, the dreaded mountain climber and so many more moves. Each series of exercise was followed by some stretching and then she started us up all over again. Amanda describes it as a cardio push followed by a strength session, so the muscles have time to build on top of each other. We ended the 45-minute class with some yoga poses and big lateral stretches that felt so needed and wonderful. Amanda was encouraging us the entire name, calling us out by name, offering supportive feedback, sharing her contagious enthusiasm, making us feel like we were part of a tribe, and helping us reach that unimagineable finish line. And that I did. How did I feel at the end of the class? Hot, extremely sweaty, breathless and completely spent. But great, I felt great. This morning as I woke, I felt those muscles that I used yesterday. I can’t say that I felt overly sore, I definitely felt stronger. And I know that’s the goal she is pushing us towards. Thank you Amanda for that truly Amazing Amanda workout. And by the way, 20% of all revenue from her classes is donated back to City Harvest. Way to go!

Wanna try one of Amanda’s Amazing on-line classes? Enter our random contest to win a FREE online class of your choice (a $30 value!). Here’s how to enter. Follow Sisters Visit on IG or FB, Follow Amanda Margusity on IG or FB, Email Jennifer@sistersvisit.info by May 5th and say “I want Amazing Amanda!”  Best of luck, enjoy, and please give Amanda a Brady Bunch high five for me!

Also, keep your eyes open for Amanda’s upcoming 12-week program that will incorporate four workouts per week and offer individual coaching on nutrition, mindset, financial and more from experts in the field. Sounds about as amazing as her workout. To learn more about Amanda’s AMF Method and her upcoming 12-week program, go to  https://www.amandamargusity.com/

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